Advocacy priorities

The CBRJO has a second core function of collaboration with the following objectives:

  • To interact strongly with other spheres of government and other regional groupings.


  • To provide for the exchange and recognition of information and ideas amongst member Councils and other agencies.

It has identified a number of key partners, including State and Federal Government, key state government agencies, and other regional organisations.

Within this objective it has identified the following priority activities:

  • Collaborate with partners to develop a framework to support a Canberra Region Economic Strategy (CREDS) aligning focus with the two Premier priorities of ‘creating jobs’ and ‘building infrastructure’.
  • Collaborate with partners in a research project into international freight opportunities, in conjunction with the ACT Government, Canberra Airport and the NSW Government (Department of Industry);
  • Work with relevant partners to plan for and deliver improved telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Share information to increase understanding of regional land use planning challenges, opportunities and responses.
  • Reach a common understanding between Councils of opportunities and priorities for the CBRJO in the regional service delivery function.